Marketing Tools

State-of-the-art creative that saves you time


At, we have designed all of our marketing tools with your ease of use in mind.


For this reason, we have devised a high-tech system that will allow you to cut and paste our HTML code directly into the source code of your site. This code will automatically pull your Affiliate ID directly into it, saving you from having to do this work yourself. There is no need to save images or add your Affiliate code manually - we do all the work for you.


All of our banners and graphics are updated regularly, and, for your convenience, are hosted and dynamically served by, ensuring that you will never need to change a banner code again.


All of our creative material, such as banners, text links and newsletters, can be found within our "Banner Manager", designed in a variety of sizes to suit your individual needs.

To acquire your creative material and the relevant code, simply click here.  Once your banners and links are live, all traffic and player sign-ups will be tracked back to you in our system.



Auto updating banners


In order to stay current with our most recent promotions, we encourage you to make use of our auto updating banners. Simply place them on your site, and we will update the promotional information accordingly. Your site will always offer the latest promotions to your users, with zero effort on your part.



Custom-made banners and landing pages


Should you need a banner specifically sized for your site, simply contact us and we will be happy to custom-make a banner, especially for you. Similarly, if you would like to have your own landing page created, let us know what information you would like to appear on it, and we will design it for you accordingly. We will also be able to give you your own first deposit bonus code, identifying your players as yours and giving you further exclusivity.



Tailor-made bonuses and tournaments


If you find that the promotional material you are using is not enough to generate substantial returns, our Affiliate team will work with you to help create special promotions, bonuses and tournaments specifically for your players. Our number one commitment is to you, our Affiliate, and we are more than willing to help you to boost your commission in any way we can. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.



Comprehensive reporting


Once you have set your chosen marketing material up on your website, you will need to track your campaign results. With state-of-the-art Affiliate software from, you will be able to log into your Affiliate account, and create separate profiles for each of your different websites.


You will be given a Site ID for each website, allowing you to individually track your different campaigns, promotions, banners and newsletters. This will give you the opportunity to analyse which of your campaigns are the most effective, and enable you to capitalise on this success by running similar campaigns in the future. offers customer support in English and Spanish, and is well-equipped to deal with queries in languages other than these as well. If you have a question, we will do everything that we can to answer it to your satisfaction. Contact us today and put us to the test!